About us?

This website contains information relating to the Stratford Family.

Its purpose is to: document the history of the family; enable members of the clan to interact with one another;share information, new findings, and documents; and be a resource for Stratford descendants tracing their roots. Since 2002, "clan" reunions have been organized to visit houses, villages and churches all connected to the Stratfords in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Ireland when they were a powerful land-owning family.

The Stratford Coat of Arms is used by the kind permission of Gerald Howland Stratford*, who is our "Patriarch". He and his late brother Leonard did most of the early research that we have today. Much of this research, which has many chapters, can be found on Genuki. Gerald also put many of the "cousins" in touch with one another and guided them in tracing their pedigrees.

* Please note that these arms may not be copied nor used without Gerald Stratford’s written permission.,

Latest news on 02nd october 2011

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